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The Latest English Premier League Transfer News

This month will see the return of the spectacular English Premier League.Arsenal and Leicester are scheduled to start the campaign on the eleventh day. Although the transfer window will be closed in September, we have already seen huge transfers in the football market. Having heard of that; let’s check the latest signings for the new season. The Gunners experienced the first huge signing in their history. Lacazette is now showing off his skills for the Gunners after playing for Lyon for some while.He is known as one of the lethal strikers in the European nations. A five year deal was signed and lacazette is having a very great time with the other players.Lacazette was bought for 46.5 million Euros in the deal.This was a big achievement for Arsenal as speculations over the different transfer windows was confirmed by the signing.

Manchester United has also had the chance to buy a forward. A five year between Lukaku and Manchester United was made. Lukaku cost Man United 75 million Euros and some 15 million adds-on too.Man United was so lucky as compared to Chelsea in getting the signature of the player.Paul Pogba, the biggest major signing for Manchester United is speculated to have influenced the move by the player. This deal is one of the most popular around the world due to a mistake that was done by an Irish newspaper. The mistake entailed a picture of a famous American rapper, Stormzy being printed where Lukaku’s picture was supposed to be. Stormzy happens to be a very big fan of Manchester United his tweet showed how angry he was for that mistake.

The transfer market helped Chelsea accomplish a deal too. Morata, who was a former forward for real Madrid also joined the club. Chelsea’s manager was the reason behind accomplishment of that deal. Morata’s price was higher than that of Fernando Torres by at least 15 million Euros.

It was not too long before Defoe landed in Bournemouth. This was considered as one of the easiest deals since his club had been relegated.Jermaine Defoe managed to score 15 goals through the whole season in spite of Sunderland being relegated.After a long run without any homecoming made, Rooney was able to go back to his Merseyside club, Everton. Rooney went to Everton for a free transfer after becoming one of the all-time highest goal scorer in Manchester United.Rooney managed to sign a two year deal with his boyhood club. After what was seen as an emotional move, Rooney managed to be happy for Everton.

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