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Disney tried to do it a long time ago, and they gave up in the end.

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Why do I feel Nintendo was so damaged by the Wii U underperforming that they're trying to shield their copyright to make up for the losses?

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Artist friend of mine who got hit with the copyright hammer managed to counter notice successfully, as when he filed his counter notice Tumblr actually investigated and decided he was in the right, and put his stuff back up.

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Pokemon Rule # 34

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First and foremost, even assuming this is a good idea it isn't , it would only actually accomplish something if all or most of the NSFW images depicting Nintendo characters were removed from the internet.

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Fortune, I think the issue is that the important thing with copyright is the spirit of the law.

Description: Like Alvin Earthworm, it was frankly a bad idea to open a Patreon explicitly for "Super Mario Bros Z," you're using a pre-existing property right in the name.

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