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Project to improve success rate of native plant restoration.

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Dr Kunin is a frequent guest on the popular "Dr Oz" television show and her advice and products are regularly featured in US journals and newspapers and magazines.

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When Dr Kunin featured it during one of her appearances on Dr Oz she said the response from the American public was enormous.

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12 Famous Women Who Proudly Flaunted Their Body Hair on the Red Carpet

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Mr Walbidi has been a driving force in the establishment of the bush food plantations at Bidyadanga.

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Stories Chinese wonder fruit genome to aid world fruit breeding.

Description: As a result she decided to develop a range of skin care products using extracts from the fruit. At Bidyadanga, Dr Kunin met Traditional Elder Merridoo Walbidi, who as a young boy in was a member of one of the last family groups living the traditional life in the Great Sandy Desert.

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